Arena Lights

Arena lighting has come a long way in the last 20 years. Lighting options came in many forms. There was the eerie blue light of the mercury vapor; there was the yellow-sodium vapor; the bug-covered open two-lamp 8 foot fluorescent, and the most popular, energy consuming, “wait until I turn on” metal halides.

In 2000, the innovative engineers at Orion Energy Systems introduced a remarkable new product; the 6 lamp T-8 high bay fluorescent fixture. The fixture produced 30 percent more light than a standard metal halide and consumed less than half the energy. In addition, the newly developed electronic ballast enabled the light to come on instantly. The patented reflector design produced shadow-free and glare-free light. A perfect fit for the indoor arena market!

In 2014, Orion Energy Systems introduced LED versions of the original stall and arena fixtures. These fixtures maintain all of the advantages of the fluorescent technology, but add the extended life (15 – 20 years) and increased efficiency.

After consulting a number of arena projects, it became apparent that different horse disciplines required different levels of light. A multi-purpose facility that housed cutting, roping, and jumping exercises requires a high level of illumination. A training or dressage facility required less; a pure exercise facility requires the least amount of light.

Perhaps the most important revelation was that overall intensity of light was not nearly as important as the even distribution of light on the floor. Lights must be laid out in such a manner to eliminate light and dark spots, which a horse may see as a “hole” and bolt.

The combination of Orion’s innovative engineering and my personal experience makes us the best qualified to provide you with the most affordable and effective arena lighting system.


  • 2’ and 4’ Models
  • Lumen Output 13,000 – 36,000
  • Mounting Heights 16’ – 24’
  • Hardwire Connection 120 volt – 277 volt
  • Sealed and Gasketed – Power Washable up to 1500psi
  • Fiberglass Body – Impact Resistant, Shallow Frosted Lens, Stainless Steel Lens Latches
  • Operating Range -4˚ – 122˚
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • UL Wet Listed, Energy Star, & DLC

VTON1 equine arena lighting fixture


  • 4’ and 8’ Models
  • Lumen Output 3,000 – 25,000
  • Mounting Heights 10’ – 14’
  • Hardwire Connection 102 volt – 277 volt
  • Sealed and Gasketed – Power Washable up to 1500psi
  • Fiberglass Body – Impact Resistant, Frosted Lens, Stainless Steel Latches and Mounting Brackets
  • Operating Range -4˚ – 113˚
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • UL Wet Listed, Energy Star, and DLC


ENPC Series

High Bay/Low Bay Enclosed Fixtures
More Light, 50 percent Less Energy
Instant On at – 22° F

  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 lamp models — High or Low Bay
  • Replaces a 400 watt metal halide using only 221 watts of energy
  • Full spectrum — 42,000 hour high lumen, T8 lamps standard
  • Clear Acrylic lens or wire guard
  • Hardwire or Modular Power Connection
  • T5 & LED models available
  • Suspension cables, flush mount or pendent mount hardware available
  • Gasketed and sealed models available (UL Wet Listed)
  • NO Glare or Shadows
  • 14’ – 24’ Mounting Heights