1. What is the best type of lighting for Stall Barns?

Cool burning, efficient; sealed fixtures are your best option. Exposed bulbs, halogen floods, and open fluorescents are costly to operate, but more important they present a real fire hazard in agricultural environments and should be avoided. Current fluorescent fixtures use 50-75% less energy than regular bulbs or the larger metal halide fixtures and allow you to recover the cost of the fixture in 12-18

2. Is there a particular kind of light I should be using if I want to keep my horses from growing hair or if I want to manage the heat cycle of my mares?

If your intent is to suppress hair growth or manipulate cycling, you need to expose your horses to daylight or full spectrum light. All Orion fixtures come with daylight or full spectrum commercial grade lamps.

3. My barn temperature drops below zero in the winter months. Traditional Fluorescent fixtures have a reputation for flickering or not “starting up” in cold temperatures.

All Orion fixtures come standard with “cold start” ballasts, which allow them to start at 22 degrees below zero, with no flickering.

4. I have an old barn with an old electrical service and old wiring. Do I have to upgrade to use these new fluorescent fixtures?

Even if you run your barn on a traditional 120 volt service, you will find that Orion Fixtures will only draw about 50% of the amps of your old fixtures. Orion fixtures come standard with a “wide range” or “multi-tap” ballast which will automatically adjust to run fixtures at any voltage between 120-277 volts.

5. What fixtures do you recommend for indoor arenas?

We recommend 4-8 lamp High or Low Bay Fluorescent Fixtures. The specific type fixture is dependent on the mounting height of the fixture and the desired light level, which is related to the Discipline or the Primary Use of the Arena. Is it an exercise facility, a training or dressage facility, or is it a multi-purpose arena used for cutting, roping, and jumping?

In the case of arenas with extreme roof pitch or “vaults”, we may recommend a blend of fixtures to achieve even light distribution.

6. How do I know how many lights to use in my Stall Barn or Arena?

Contact Orion West Lighting. We will be happy to complete a free lighting layout for your Stall Barn, Arena, Breeding, or Veterinary facility. We offer 18 years of experience and our pledge to never sell you more fixtures than you need. We encourage you to CALL AND DISCUSS your project personally.

7. Why is Orion’s Fluorescent technology a better choice than traditional incandescent or metal halide fixtures that I can buy locally?

These are Orion’s Advantages:
• Use 50-75% less Energy
• Instant On at 22 degrees below zero
• Daylight quality light
• NO shadows NO Glare
• Cool running….NO FIRE HAZARD
• Better Light Distribution
• Easy Installation and LOW MAINTENANCE

Orion fixtures are manufactured in Wisconsin. They are specifically designed and built for Agricultural environments. They are the safest, most reliable, cost effective, and efficient fixtures available.