As a former breeder and exhibitor, I learned long ago that the right barn lighting is crucial for broodmare cycles, for maintaining good show coats and for getting that perfect show clip. I’ve certainly found that horses are happier and healthier in well-lit surroundings.

I’m also very concerned with safety — most barn fires are caused by poor wiring or fixtures. Horse barn lighting needs to be designed for that purpose because ordinary fixtures were never intended for the dampness or dust of a barn environment, and they can be very unsafe.

Since my customers place their trust in my advice, I never make recommendations unless I am confident in the quality of the product. I’ve been recommending Orion Lighting for more than a decade because they are safe, sealed and cool-burning fixtures that supply full spectrum light in the arena. Orion fixtures provide instant-on lighting that is very even, with no buzzing and no light puddles. Overall, they are rugged, economical to operate, low maintenance and most importantly, safe.

Georgia Hickey
Equine Facilities Design
King Construction Company

The sales staff and customer service at Orion West Lighting is top notch. The quick shipping and great prices make using products from Orion West Lighting a pleasure. The high quality and ease of installation make the products from Orion West Lighting an electrical contractors dream. The quality of light and instant start & restart of the light fixtures greatly improve the safety in arenas and isle ways.

Ed Strzepek
Sparky’s Electric, Maple Park, IL

As you know, we are very picky about the products we use in our barn. In 2001, we decided to change over our stable lights to your round stall light. What a great move on our part! These lights are so easy maintenance. I don’t believe we have ordered replacement bulbs more than once for the stalls and twice for the aisles.

The lights have a wide spread illumination and produce not only a functional light but the ambience is so natural. We now have your 4 foot 3 lamp fixtures over our tack up area, farrier area, wash rack and in our hay storage area.

The Orion lights provide great peace of mind from a safety point of view, are so easy to clean, and they look great. Thanks again for such an excellent product.

Claire and Jon Brant
Guardian Horse Bedding

Here is what I have to say – straight from the “horses”….
“Orion West wins our “best-in-class” vote for barn/equine suppliers”. We were blessed with the chance of a life time; designing, building and outfitting our very own dream barn from the ground up. Though small in scale we wanted our start-up breeding/training facility, barn to be of the same elite quality as our 3 elite Hanoverian foundation broodmares. We spent over a year in the request- for- proposal process, and shopping for the best- of- the- best quality and tasteful fixtures. We spent countless hours getting references and comparing products: on everything – from functionality, quality, safety, durability, supplier knowledge, price point, customer service, ability to customize…and more. Orion West outfitted all our aisle, stall, wash stall and run-in lighting. We are absolutely are sold on Orion West for barn lighting and highly recommend them to any equine facility – no matter what budget in mind – these fixtures are much more than “best value” for price!! The the stall brooder lights really helped get our mares super ready for a successful breeding season; and we never had the hassle of clipping our show and sale youngsters since a few night hours under your full spectrum stall lamps kept their coats summer short, super shiny and even dappley (a big plus at their AHS inspection day!). Our Orion West’s awesome associate/partner was a true consultant during the sale process helping us plan positioning of aisle and wash stall fluorescent fixtures plus talked me out of ordering the additional two fluorescent aisle lamps I was certain I would need. She asked me for my barn layout first thing. (Thanks again, you were so right, I didn’t need them.)

I didn’t know barn lighting fixtures could be so attractive, the fluorescents are actually lovely on the eyes and give off a nice natural light. They are absolutely silent, never-ever flicker and turn “instant-on” in all temps. I recommend them to any and all equine facilities without hesitation! ”

Highly Satisfied Customer, Boyds, Maryland—

We installed Orion West lighting throughout our boarding barn and indoor riding arena. Several years later, even with long hours of use during winter months, I can say without hesitation that the lights have met or exceeded every performance expectation. Rider especially appreciate the “instant-on” lighting in the indoor even when temperatures approach zero degrees.”

Steven F. Stitzel, Esq.
Stitzel, Page & Fletcher, P.C.

We have been a proud dealer of Orion fixtures for many years. Our customers expect the best accessories for their MD Barns and only a few proven products meet our standards for great long term value like Orion.


My barn and arena customer are totally pleased with their Orion Agricultural Lighting performance and efficiency. Thank you for your professionalism and service these past several years.

John Coppoletti
Oregon Barn Company
Barnmaster Barns

I installed Orion Lights on my first job in 2000 after retiring from AT&T in 1998. That installation was AG9000’s for the arena and OW36’s for the stalls. Those lights are still working. That has pretty much been the way it has gone through the years. I install the lights and go away. I have not had a single customer complaint in facilities that have installed the Orion West Lighting. I have done one stall barn and arena complex where the customer insisted on having 380 watt metal halide lighting. After about a year the bulbs and ballasts began failing. They were not happy with those lights, but they love the Orion West Lighting that I later installed. I have installed a combination of Orion Lighting products in many facilities in Ohio. I can say that my customers are very pleased with the looks and performance of the Orion fixtures. I have also been very happy with the service Orion West Lighting provides, and look forward to several more years of working together.

Mike Tarbox

Orion West Lighting provided our building project with a personalized approach to customer service. Our planning session provided a blueprint for the appropriate light fixture according to ceiling height and my personal needs. Orion West Lights add the professional touch that completes my barn and will function for years.

Thank you, Amy Biehl